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I am originally from Chicago and grew up with very hip parents that exposed me to a renaissance- like upbringing. I was immersed in music, art and languages since I was big enough to hold a crayon. My love for East Indian culture, philosophy and spiritual practices began when my father, who was a philosophy teacher, returned from a sabbatical in India when I was 10. I started studying Zen in high school. This led me to the practices of yoga in the early 90's, and opening two yoga studios. For the last few decades, I have been supporting students in their studies, not only in the physical practices of asana, but in the more esoteric teachings of philosophy, meditation, and self inquiry.

I was also drawn to music and the arts. I majored in Fine Arts at Rhode Island school of design (RISD) for 3 years and graduated from Tyler school of Art at Temple University with the 'golden key' award for academic achievement. I spent a good 10 years actively writing and performing music as a singer songwriter. My artistic and scientific mind also loved the way the body moved and was intrigued with its anatomy.  

 In high school and college I struggled with many health issues and was frustrated by the lack of answers and help I received from regular (allopathic) medical protocols. This sparked a greater desire to understand the body's capacity to heal.  I soon moved from painting, gold-smithing,and performing music, to helping people suffering from illness, injury and pain by immersing myself in the studies of massage therapy, anatomy, herbs/vitamins, homeopathy, and 20 years of  teaching in yoga studies of the East. I loved the potential the yoga practice held for injury rehabilitation and began incorporating this with yoga alignment principles in my healing work, along with deepening the essential mind training practices of meditation I started as a teenager.  I am and will remain a serious student and love to study all of the latest scientific, medical and plant based breakthroughs for health.