It struck me today that most of the time when we are feeling unwell, especially in terms of illness like a flu or colds ect, and even injury, we objectify that condition. This means we often feel like the "illness" is something other than us and is something outside of us that needs to be treated by "outside" means such as medications rehab only. 

Although this has some truth to it, there is another part that we often skip and therefore on top of the symptoms we may be experiencing we create unnecessary suffering, which in the end greatly delays our healing process. 
I have seen over the last 20 years supporting healing, that "outer" symptoms are only a piece of something much deeper. It is our inner health, the state of our mind, emotions perceptions, self- talk and beliefs that have the greatest power over how the body heals. 

Emotions, thoughts, and perceptions are subtle ( meaning we can't "see"  them standing in front of us), and therefore it is hard to understand their effect on healing. It is easier for most to think, it was the cast alone that healed the broken bone. I have seen bones break and heal quickly and those that the cast did not support in healing in a normal time. Why is that? 

Health and healing are much more complex. Even the medical community on some level see that medicine is STILL a "practice"-meaning that we don't 'know' as much as we think we do. We may think that casting a broken bone or giving an antibiotic to someone for infection "should" fix the issue but so often it does not. 
When clients come to me with troubles, even if it seems to be something simple, like they tore their meniscus ( a cartilage in the knee) I never JUST look at what is symptomatic. I look at the whole person, and make up a program that best suits the needs of the person with me..not what worked for the client before them, because healing has some components that are consistent , but many that are not.
The rapidity to healing is directly linked to pulling puzzle pieces apart and placing them back together- and the order matters.

Sometimes in order to get to a full recovery, you have to look at layers that don't seem to be connected to the difficulty at hand and this is an ART.

Like all art, there is skill and experience needed, but also something much more mysterious- intuition. We need the ability to truly listen to the client’s speech, feel their energy, and see past what seems to be so obvious. We need to look into a subtle and more quiet level of communication. 
The first step in tapping into this kind of communication and the space where most "keys" to healing lie is simply the desire to serve and the knowledge that there is more we don't know than we do know. We use what we know to direct us to the space of not knowingness, and it is from this space that insights come from.