"I have referred Michelle to many of my friends all of whom continue to see her years later.  She knows the body like no one I know.  Whether it's my shoulder, my back or my digestion...even my psyche...she knows what is going on and how to help.  
She is currently helping me to get off of a medication I have been taking way too long.  I trust her guidance in my healing more than anyone I've been to...and I've been to many.
The combination of her training, her years of experience, her intuition, her hunger for being up to date and well informed in her continuing education underlies my reasons for placing so much trust in her.  She is my go-to person." 

Ellen Watson -MSS, licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist





  Oh how I love the human body/mind! The body is always doing its best finding its way toward balance- homeostasis. It does this so well, we don’t even realize how hard it’s working 24 hours a day, until the body gets sidetracked or overwhelmed and we end up ill or injured.
   There are multiple reasons for this upset, sometimes as simple as pathogens the body can’t fight off because of a weakened immune system due to stress, poor diet/sleep, postural misalignment or emotional issues.
  Truthfully, most clients come to me because the normal medical avenues they pursued were not working. Unlike most health practices that only treat symptoms, I start by looking at as many layers of the whole person as I can. I have found that seeking the causes of the symptoms, by investigating all available pathways with the client, can then lead the way back to re-balancing the body/mind more effectively.
  The body/mind is always speaking to us. Often the first sessions is about asking questions and listening “between the lines” with a sense of curiosity, patience and deep respect. I am not under the time constraints most medical practices are, so there are greater possibilities of uncovering the root issue.
  It’s no secret that I have struggled with very intense health issues since I was a young girl. I used these struggles to research and try to understand the pathology of health and illness. This determination and belief in the bodies capacity to heal is what I bring to clients. The things I “specialize" in are things I have had to live with and heal…and I am sharing 30 years of my wisdom, hope and success.
  I don’t claim to be a ‘miracle worker’- if I can help you l will let you know. I am also upfront about doing all I can to find a referral to others whom may be a better fit if need be. My primary objective is to support you in returning to your optimal health as quickly as possible. This is what I bring to every session. 


Photos by:  Photography ~ Joy and Holly Feerrar