Community Prayer Bundle Ceremony

Led By The Powerful Shamanic Healer
Vina Kai Lila
Tuesday, November 7th  
from 7-8:15pm
Dhuni Yoga

Ayni Despacho"

In the indigenous language of Quechua from South America, 'Ayni' represents 'harmony, right-relationship' while 'Despacho' signifies 'to send, to dispatch'. All are welcome to join the Dhuni Yoga community as we join together in ceremony to weave our prayers and intentions together to form a mandala-like prayer bundle for the Earth in the tradition of the Q'ero - high Andean medicine people from Peru.

The Q'ero medicine people create prayer bundles for various life events and transitions. Some examples are births, deaths, unions, the harvest, intentions for health and healing, for the family and community units, for fresh water to flow.... the idea being that our singular lives are deeply intertwined with the collective energy of the earth. By bringing our awareness to this, and our actions through ceremony, we create the intentionality of generating more harmony for ourselves and those circles we connect to. 

The event will be meditative and joyous, a moment to connect within and check-in with ourselves, while collectively coming together and honoring our Mother Earth simply through the act of sitting in circle.
**Please bring drums, rattles, offerings of song and poetry.
~Donations welcome~