STOP The Drama

I have been watching the mind lately. 

Most of the time the mind chatters and we are lost in the dream of a tiny focused square inch of reality..and we are totally oblivious to the world around the beauty of things like Mother Nature. 

So much of our day is spent in solitary confinement- we miss out on this spectacular Extraordinary show called LIFE that is being offered as a precious gift, because we are LOST in thought.

A funny paradox is that, when we are lost in this square inch of chirping inner drama, we are choosing an "inner focus." HEY wait a minute, I thought that was what meditation was for? I mean aren't we meant to really FOCUS INSIDE? So what is the problem? LOL!(ok sometimes I crack myself up)

There is nothing "wrong" per se with this half-sighted stance, it is simply part of something bigger..let me say that again, it is simply PART of something BIGGER!

We MISS out on OUR LIVES when we live in this tiny is so small, we are ripping ourselves off of a life that is filled with such fantastic variety. Our world in solitary confinement is filled with stories, the same episodes of inner drama that play out over and over and over. Sure we may insert different names, places, and details but the story lines are mostly the same...Blame- 'I would be happy IF he/she/it'; Fear and Isolation-'I don't fit in'; Resentment-'everyone else is happier, prettier, wealthier, has more love, more'..fill in the blank.

While we are in solitary confinement the jaw clenches, the breath is choppy, and the muscles of the body tense- well at least until GRACE/ Goddess slaps us upside the head and we HEAR a bird chirping outside and the bubble pops for a minute and our world expands, our breath releases, and our body relaxes. In that minute..we have a choice..a precious gift is being offered, how long will we stay in the garden of the Heart? Maybe a few seconds- until the reruns start again and we allow ourselves to get sucked back into prison again.

When we are lost in thinking, thinking, thinking, the attention is so small is hard to locate it. Try to locate that contraction in your self..where is it? It is really trippy..go ahead try it? Can you feel it is somewhere around your head..but hard to locate exactly where? When we are in solitary confinement we are not even in our bodies. We don't feel temperature, see colors, shapes, or hear what people around us are saying.

Did you ever notice that allowing our attention to become more expanded, allowing a "feeling/sensing experience" instead of just a "thinking experience" requires more real estate? A more helpful kind of INWARD focus is one that brings us into our senses, into our whole body..breath, fragrance, feeling, sight, hearing, and we slow down enough to experience the More-ness we ARE in a profound way. In Sanskrit the word for senses are Jnanendiyas ( the organs of knowledge) Knowledge..not thinking.

There is a frenetic speed and disconnection of things these is as if the incessant inner chirping has become the way the world is. Or is it that the world is beautiful and sublime, and it is filled with millions of people lost in the lightning speed inner dramas of incessant thinking?

I remember hearing somewhere that is why we are called the human RACE.

Scott MarmorsteinComment