The Necessity for a Teacher

Boy it can get really confusing in this time of spiritual growth movements. We are being bombarded with self-help and how to become enlightened material online.

So much is available now. So many books, and so much yoga out there!!

The Consciousness of the world is evolving at greater and greater speeds. We are so lucky to be alive at this powerful explosion of expansion, and yet as the Divine CALL to go deeper is fanning the flame of our yearning, which way do we go, I mean do we need a teacher if we are the SELF?

Some would say no we don’t need a teacher if we can just trust the inner guidance of the True Teacher within. Hmmm. That may be the case for some, but has not been the case for me. 

If it were that easy, everyone would be living in a higher state of awareness and if we look around clearly that is NOT the case. I am embodied as well as absolute, and the embodied part of me needs HELP from another embodied form of the Divine- it is way easier that way.

So how can we grow if we REALLY are ready to commit fully to our spiritual growth?

Where is our teacher?

I believe a lot if that is karma- who our teachers are, and also the process of seeking will lead us to the next teacher that will give us support to go through the next step on the path.

I found my teacher 11 years ago. Interestingly enough, my physical relationship with my teacher changed about 6 years ago. I was no longer able to be in their physical presence.

Many students go through this experience, they finally find their teacher and then they die. Although this was not exactly what happened in my case, access to their physical presence was no longer being offered.

After grieving that loss and trying to find a place for it, I continued with all the practices I had been given, as if my teacher were still present. Still, there was a longing that would creep up here and there.

On one level the Presence of my teacher is always with me and that is very clear, however as I move through my journey I have had so many questions. Questions that no one seemed to able to answer. I have dedicated years and years to scriptural study and still, so many things left a huge set of mysteries which led to experiencing deep loneliness at times.

After 6 years of what I would say have been the hardest years of my spiritual practice so far, something shifted. A teacher came into my life and I had this knowing about it- a big YES! Grace led me to someone that was CLEARLY ahead of me on the path and was available to mentor me.

There is not a moment that goes by that I am not filled with gratitude for this teacher who lovingly shares guidance and life experience and who calls my mind on the stuff that gets in the way of moving farther along into the great ocean of Conscious Awareness.

Without the guide of someone who is further along, we can get lost in our own delusions of grandeur and failure. We need this clear mirror to see the truth. That’s why we are not the only ones living here. We are here to help each other grow.

There will always be someone “ahead” teaching you and someone “behind” you are teaching- that the way it works.

What seems clear is that Divine Presence is calling for our courage to keep growing so the world can go to the next level. The Divine Presence is also available in many forms to help us a long the way!

Again the question arises, with so many teachers out there, how do you know who to trust???

Well, first, remember they are human as well as Divine .


1. Be clear with what you are asking for. Just because they know about spiritual things they may not be able to give you advice on how to fix your car or how to be a better parent.

2. See if they themselves are doing the practices or have done them for a long time.

Teaching from experience is the only authentic way to teach, so take your time and check them out.

3. Also remember, they may be there only for a little part of your journey, even to lead you to the next teacher.

4. Ultimately any form of the Divine is a guide to help you reach the formless guide with in.

In a wild way what I have experienced is that my recent teacher has created a kind of bridge to my Guru, even though I am not in my Gurus physical presence, I feel the Presence of that relationship more than ever!