rubber band man

Lately I have had the great boon of hanging out in the company of a teacher who lives in what I would call a VERY expanded (enlightened) state.

I notice that by sheer proximity I begin to expand into a more truthful state of expansion myself. The LIGHT of my true heart takes over the small identification of "me-ness" and I am immersed in LOVE. Then at some point whether it is minutes or months later, what I call the “rubber band” effect occurs. This is when you seemingly move from expanded Consciousness back into "normal consciousness" and it “feels” even more contracted due to the contrast you were just experiencing.

I have this picture of the Kanchukas -the “clothing” of Consciousness- being too small for us once we experience moments of the fullness of the highest Self. I am cracking up picturing myself trying to put on my little 5 year olds pants and wondering “why they FEEL so uncomfortable!” It is sooooooo funny!

And yet the TRUTH is that the expansion we experience is still with us and IS us- we are changing every moment, every moment we are “new”- we have changed , we have grown. And yet we buy the story about who we “think” we are (which is really just being stuck in the past) and completely ignores the fact that we HAVE expanded.

Identifying with the "old little i" is simply a habit. All the time our highest Self is saying, "Hey..check it out, here is a closet FULL of new clothes", and is repeating this every moment! In fact, there are infinite closets being offered filled with clothes to fit our moment to moment expansion and yet we continue to reach for that same small pair of pants.

I have been having fun with this TRUTH in my breathing…every time I come back to the space at the end of the exhale and rest in the Hrdaya- that space of the heart, the more expanded it is. Just like the literal changes that happen with every we are breathing new particles of air and our bodies are shifting in every moment. We are being constantly restructured from a cellular standpoint. So the play for me is can I be aware and open to this reality..can I REALLY allow myself to be a new person NOW. The more I allow what already IS- the happier I am and even the gruesome is delightful.



Scott MarmorsteinComment